Deepavali Sambaralu 2019 – Venue / Date change

Hi Everyone,

Due to stage limitations, Day light Savings time changes and also taking into consideration the actual festival date, GTS planned to change the Deepavali event date as follows:

VENUE AND DATE CHANGED TO 26th October, Tuve Kulturpunkten.

Please reach us on the following numbers if you have any concerns.
0729482390( Rajesh Korada)/ 0707930155 (Satya Ramisetty)

We regret for any inconvenience caused.
Thanks for the support.

GTS Committee.

2 thoughts on “Deepavali Sambaralu 2019 – Venue / Date change

  1. I was looking forward to booking it, but now it shows unavailable. Can it be done for four more people please?

    1. Hi Subhashree,

      Glad to hear that you would like to be part of the event but unfortunately we have already reached the maximum capacity of the hall and can’t accomodate any new entries. This is for your and others safety. I hope you understand.

      However, I would suggest you to please register as early as possible for our future events. This will help us to plan for a bigger hall based on the count which can accomodate more number of people.

      Please let us know if you would like to get notifications for our future events.

      //GTS Committee.

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